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german glühwein 

Glühwein is the name for mulled wines in German-speaking countries.

You can get Glühwein in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and few other German-speaking areas.

Glühwein is exceptionally popular during the Christmas holidays and is commonly served in outdoor Christmas markets along with a variety of other holiday foods and hand-made crafts.

These Christmas markets have tents that have been set up for so people can sit down and get warm while sipping hot German Glühwein as a break from Christmas shopping.

For Germans, Glühwein is an integral part of the Christmas experience.


German Glühwein Ingredients

·   1 bottle red wine

·   1 lemon

·   2 sticks cinnamon

·   3 cloves

·   2 Tsb sugar

Tip: use a dry, robust, and fruity red wine for best results; an inexpensive wine is fine, but it should be drinkable by itself

Tip: Set aside some cinnamon sticks for garnish

Preparation Time

·   10 minutes to gather up ingredients

·   35 minutes to heat red wine

·   5 minutes to serve mulled wine

         Making German Glühwein

German Glühwein Recipe

·   Pour red wine into saucepan

·   Add spices, one by one

·   Use medium heat, stirring occasionally, until sugar is dissolved

·   Reduce to low heat for approximately 30 minutes, stirring occasionally

Tip: Don't let the German Glühwein reach a boiling point!

Serving German Glühwein

·   Ladle German Glühwein into mugs

·   Put a strainer over the mugs to remove bits of spices

·   Add cinnamon stick for garnish, if desired

·   Add a shot of kirsch liqueur to each mug first, if desired

Tip: pre-heat the mugs to help keep the Glühwein warm


Optional Ingredients

·   cardamon

·   ginger

·   allspice

·   nutmeg

·   kirsch liqueur